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NAANT: a resource and a launching pad.

The North American Academy of Neural Therapy (NAANT) seeks to advance the understanding and practice of Neural Therapy in North America. Our focus is on education, promotion, and setting standards in the practice of Neural Therapy, and our membership offerings are geared to those ends.

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Conferences and Workshops

NAANT runs events to promote the development of neural therapy, excellence in its practice, and community among its practitioners.

Educational Resources

We're continually seeking out and publishing the best articles, case reports, and videos.

Provider Search

NAANT makes it easier for patients and physicians to find other Neural Therapy providers.

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If you are reading this, you are probably among a growing number of practitioners dedicated to improving their abilities to help patients to flourishing health. Join NAANT today for the following benefits.


For those who are new to Neural Therapy, membership is an opportunity to affiliate with colleagues throughout North America who share your interests.

Professional Development & Mentorship

Members will be free to participate in a mentorship program with an experienced practitioner of Neural Therapy, coordinated through NAANT.

Business Promotion

Those who wish to be listed on the Provider Search Directory will find that there are savvy patients who are looking for the services that you provide.

Conference and Workshop Discounts

Membership brings opportunities for learning in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment.


Board Meetings are open to interested members’ participation via Zoom teleconferencing.

High-Quality Educational Resources

We’re building a library of invaluable content, free for all members.

18 Videos (so far)

Leading experts in neural therapy cover theoretical and practical topics in-depth at the 2017 International Neural Therapy Conference. Records from other events will be included as they become available.

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