North American Academy of Neural Therapy Congress

Feb 28Mar 1, 2020
Florida Hotel and Conference Center
1500 Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32809
Join us for the 1st North American Academy of Neural Therapy Congress!
This Congress, with 16.5 hours of CME approved for MD/DOs, is also designed for physicians, dentists, naturopaths, veterinarians, and other healthcare providers interested in enriching their education.
Neural Therapy is the perfect blend of East and West; allopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, and naturopathy.  Classically, it involves injections of anesthetics to influence the balance of the autonomic nervous system.  As taught in North America, it is an approach to medicine that respects the body’s innate wisdom to heal itself.  Our job is to find out how, and where the body is struggling, then help it achieve what it’s been trying to do.
Whether you are an expert or a complete beginner, this Congress will be an important event for you. 
  • Novices will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to SEE IMMEDIATE RESULTS in many of their patients. 
  • Experts will share a collegial atmosphere and be exposed to a broad range of specific tools to enhance their practices.

The Congress features leaders from around the world that are dedicated to expanding and enriching the practice of Neural Therapy in North America.

Our goals 
  • To advance the practice of Neural Therapy
  • To bring together practicing neural therapists of North America and expand our network of colleagues
  • To share and elevate our understanding of Neural Therapy by learning from practitioners of different disciplines and perspectives  
  • To foster the integration of Neural Therapy into healthcare - from individual practice to medical institutions.
The conference fees include admission to all plenary and workshop sessions, including meals as noted in the Program Schedule
See Program Schedule for details.
We are very grateful for the support of our exhibitors and sponsors and we look forward to seeing them at the conference:
Acu-Market/Hevert -
BioResources Inc - 
Crosby Advanced Medical Systems Inc -
Mitochondrial Rescue -
The interactive workshop sessions would not be possible without the support of companies who provide the necessary supplies.
Thank you York Downs Chemists and Air-Tite Products Co., Inc..
To explore the possibilities and to secure your spot, please contact: Liette Philippe at 613-825-3587